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Moving away from the positives vs. negatives Segway debate or discussing the various types available on the market, I’d now like to focus on some of the Segway related Sports. This particular article is about Segway Polo.

Although Segway Polo only really became established in the UK last year, the origins of the Sport date back to as early as 2003. Although it is still not considered a major Sport, Segway Polo is gaining popularity with more and more teams forming around the globe. Countries such as the United States, Barbados, Spain, Germany and Lebanon, already have established teams.

You may be surprised to know, that even though Segway Polo is still in its relative infancy, both European Championships and World Championships have already been held and have been running now for some time. The first European Championships was held back in 2010 but the first official World Championships was held two years before and has been played each year since in various countries. There are many more other tournaments held throughout the year also as more and more countries get involved with the Segway Polo revolution. The World Governing Body of Segway Polo is known as the ISPA. The ISPA was founded in 2007.

Segway Polo - Picture 1

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