Segway Tour - Picture 2

Ecologic Segway Tour

Segway Tour - Picture 2

Just got back from a holiday in Tenerife, was lovely to get away for a week. Tenerife is better during the summer months but nonetheless, had a great time, mostly relaxing but I did get chance to do a bit of Segway riding. Yep! Our hotel helped to arrange the one-hour Ecologic tour cruising around La Caleta on a Segway and we had oodles of fun.

We had a pretty cool guide to be fair called Manuel, he was perfect as an instructor as he kept the more nervous members of the group calm and showed a lot of patience when they were struggling to get the hang of it. To be fair, it does take a bit of skill to negotiate the innocent bystanders. Designated Segway lanes haven’t quite made their way around town yet so you tend to just dodge and weave around the pedestrians. The segways are pretty slow so you can’t do too much damage and have plenty of time to manouver.

Some kids on the tour must have been no more than 10 and they loved it! An hour was just about right with a short training session at the beginning. It’s a great way to check a place out, you go at the kind of pace that you can take in the sights but you don’t have to use your legs which has always been a preference for me. I’ll definitely be looking out for another Segway tour next time I’m away. If you get chance to participate then don’t miss the chance, it’s one of the more fun kind of excursions out there for sure.


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