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The best Segways for sale of 2015

As Christmas is approaching, I thought it might be a good idea to talk about which hoverboards are proving popular in 2015. The new breed of swegway has definitely revitalised consumer interest and they’re proving very popular with people of all ages in 2015. Next year is expected to be an even bigger year for swegways and there’s sure to be more gimmicks and gizmos crammed into the next generation of hoverboard.

Segway 2015 - Picture 5

Mobileproparts Electroplating Self Balancing Scooter

The self-balancing scooter has a great visual design and has a premium build quality all for an affordable price. Its weight has been reduced from the earlier model so provides better performance. The battery pack comes with fast charging.

Teamlok Balance Wheel

This is one of the newest self-balancing scooters. Powerful and efficient with large 6.5 inch wheels and a 4400 mAh battery. It takes around 2 hours to charge and has a maximum range of approximately 15 miles. Speed has been limited to 7 miles per hour as with most other boards. Again, sound notifications warn the user when the battery reaches a critical level.

Sense® New 8-inch electric scooter Bluetooth

This new sense comes with plenty of additional features to the original model. It has built-in Bluetooth speakers that can be paired-up with capable devices allowing playback of your favourite tunes. It has a convenient remote to turn the hoverboard, to lock it or to sound an alarm. It has a powerful 4400 mAh battery with decent runtime and has a sound notification to warn you when the battery reaches 10% charge.

Razor Hovertrax Electric Self-Balancing Scooter

This is a reliable and well-built board. It comes with a large battery pack and the six inch wheels make it easy to control. This board does not let the user exceed 6 miles per hour for safety reasons. A full charge will last around 10 miles.




Celebrity Swegway stories from 2015 – segway for sale

Segway Celebrity Stories - Picture 4

Alberto Moreno has been spotted on numerous occasions, walking his dog around Sefton Park in Liverpool whilst riding a swegway hoverboard. I suppose you can’t really call that walking the dog mind. The Liverpool player seems to have it pretty much down although it does look a little bit awkward trying to keep balance with no hand controls and a dog in tow.

Karim Benzema is another footballer who’s a big fan of the swegway.

Brooklyn Beckham has also been spotted using a swegway. He posted clips on Instagram showing-off with some double spins. As you can imagine, he got plenty of hits.

Chris Brown has been snapped driving his around the corridors of a hotel.

Katy Perry was captured falling-off hers at the Burning Man Festival a few weeks ago.

Justin Bieber has had his photo taken posing with a hoverboard on an airplane whilst flying between gigs. He’s also made a swegway dance music video for youtube that’s proved pretty popular.

Wiz Khalifa swegwayed onto stage in style at a gig he was performing.

Kourtney Kardashian must be the coolest mom in the world riding around the house on a white mini swegway.

Jamie Foxx was seen trying out the hoverboard with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show.

Usain Bolt was caught-up in Segway incident just after winning gold at the World Athletics Championships you might remember. He was knocked to the ground after he collided with a cameraman who had failed to see a barrier.


There you have it, proof that swegway hoverboards are proving a massive hit with celebrities in 2015.

Segway for sale – The Segway Rally Experience

Segway Rally - Picture 3

If you fancy something a little more hard-core and want to test yourself on different terrain, then maybe you should check out the Segway Rally Experience. You might have read the previous article about my Segway ecological tour when I went holidaying in Tenerife. That was very much geared towards new riders and novices, driving around the town at a leisurely pace, taking in the sites. Smooth roads and flat surfaces meant that you weren’t tested too much and a quick training session to get to grips with the basics was enough to set you on your way.

What’s included?

The Segway Rally Experience is off-road so much more fun and you’ll need a bit more skill to navigate the rugged terrain. You’ll kick-off with a safety briefing of-course and there is a training session to make sure you understand the controls properly and feel competent using the Segway. There’s a cool training track and games area where you can put your skills to the test. The instructors won’t allow you to go-ahead until they are confident that you’re ready to roll. Safety is taken very seriously so you’ll be dressed-up with all the safety gear to keep you protected from any accidental tumbles or collisions. Helmets, wrist guards and knee protectors are handed-out before you ride.

The experience itself, once all training is completed, lasts for approximately 60 minutes. You’ll start-off with a small excursion before then trying your hand at the more challenging off-road rally course. The rally course throws up twists, turns and tight corners so you’ll have to be sharp and alert.

How do I book?

At the end of the day you’ll be gifted with a certificate to take home with you as a souvenir for the experience. Search Segway Events online to find out more and how to book.



Ecologic Segway Tour

Segway Tour - Picture 2

Just got back from a holiday in Tenerife, was lovely to get away for a week. Tenerife is better during the summer months but nonetheless, had a great time, mostly relaxing but I did get chance to do a bit of Segway riding. Yep! Our hotel helped to arrange the one-hour Ecologic tour cruising around La Caleta on a Segway and we had oodles of fun.

We had a pretty cool guide to be fair called Manuel, he was perfect as an instructor as he kept the more nervous members of the group calm and showed a lot of patience when they were struggling to get the hang of it. To be fair, it does take a bit of skill to negotiate the innocent bystanders. Designated Segway lanes haven’t quite made their way around town yet so you tend to just dodge and weave around the pedestrians. The segways are pretty slow so you can’t do too much damage and have plenty of time to manouver.

Some kids on the tour must have been no more than 10 and they loved it! An hour was just about right with a short training session at the beginning. It’s a great way to check a place out, you go at the kind of pace that you can take in the sights but you don’t have to use your legs which has always been a preference for me. I’ll definitely be looking out for another Segway tour next time I’m away. If you get chance to participate then don’t miss the chance, it’s one of the more fun kind of excursions out there for sure.


Segway Sports – Segway Polo

Moving away from the positives vs. negatives Segway debate or discussing the various types available on the market, I’d now like to focus on some of the Segway related Sports. This particular article is about Segway Polo.

Although Segway Polo only really became established in the UK last year, the origins of the Sport date back to as early as 2003. Although it is still not considered a major Sport, Segway Polo is gaining popularity with more and more teams forming around the globe. Countries such as the United States, Barbados, Spain, Germany and Lebanon, already have established teams.

You may be surprised to know, that even though Segway Polo is still in its relative infancy, both European Championships and World Championships have already been held and have been running now for some time. The first European Championships was held back in 2010 but the first official World Championships was held two years before and has been played each year since in various countries. There are many more other tournaments held throughout the year also as more and more countries get involved with the Segway Polo revolution. The World Governing Body of Segway Polo is known as the ISPA. The ISPA was founded in 2007.

Segway Polo - Picture 1

The segway recent boom

Hello again guys, back again with another post about the Segway, well it is kind of about the Segway anyway. I mentioned last time about the “Hoverboards” that you can get now and are all the rage on the street. They have a range of names, ranging from Swegway, to mini-Segway to Hoverboard. Yep, I’m as lost as you are.

With the recent boom there are of course lots of options and different types to get. There are however only two main groups. One that has one wheel (or two) in the middle of the board with your feet either side (AirWheel), and then the board that has a wheel at both ends of the board and your feet obviously go in the middle.


Now with the smaller Hoverboard it can make for very difficult riding of pavements and other uneven surfaces, so it is advisable to traverse at a walking pace (pointless right?) or find some very nice very even ground that you can practice on. This is where the clunkier AirWheel has the advantage because the wheel is much larger and can therefore handle more rugged types of terrain than the Hoverboard. They are just a little more difficult to turn, but I think you could get the hang of that after a while.


The AirWheel is also supposed to be completely waterproof, so you can ride in rain and through puddles no problem, whereas the Hoverboard is not and will only take splashes of water before it is likely to malfunction.


Hoverboards are available now even with Bluetooth speakers built in, and also some have GPS, so there is a toss up really between the two different models. I think the Hoverboard looks cooler personally!

Segway : Positive vs negative

Hi. Hope you enjoyed the positive Segway post of last time. Felt so much better than writing the negative stuff of the first two posts, but with such a divisive device, I have to cover both sides of the coin. Unfortunately one seems to be a lot heavier than the other, and we all know which one!

negative vs postive

Anyway, Segways in their various forms have been in the news a little bit this year, again with articles about why they have failed blah blah, but also some positive stuff. There has obviously been the release of the “Segway Hoverboard”, which do seem a little cooler than your standard Segway. With this release there have been many high-profile musicians and actors and general celebrities that have made the board a “must-have” for the kids of today. There has been a recent music video with five dancers using the boards, choreographed by LA based David Moore and dancing along to Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean”, that has gained over three million views on YouTube in just over a month! The video is OK but it’s not that amazing, ha. Click on the picture !
what-do-you-mean - segway

With some bigger news there is the acquisition of the Segway company by a Chinese firm (and the help of a few other backers). The company, called Ninebot, make a Chinese version of the Segway and this is a strange outcome because only this year Segway tried to start legal proceedings against the company because they claim they copied their design. Funny how things turn out, right? Segway’s arch-enemy may actually turn out to be its saviour!


Positive use of the segway in the world

Hello again, so the past two posts have been looking at reasons why the Segway hasn’t worked. There is quite a long list and I only skimmed the surface. When you search Segway on Google, there are not many positive articles. Most of them have something to say like; “If you ride a Segway you are an attention seeker” or “They are contraptions for people with more money than sense” or “People just look stupid on them”. There is a lot of negativity towards the Segway and maybe it’s warranted, maybe it’s not, but there are in fact some places in the world where they are used positively and actually help people get around in a very environmentally friendly way.


Biggest example would be airports. In a lot of airports worldwide you see staff riding around on a Segway. They are much quicker than walking and easier to navigate than the airport buggies. So if there is an emergency at the other end of the airport then people can get there quickly and safely.

segway-airport segway-police-airport

Another great use for the Segway are city tours. Obviously only in countries where they are allowed of course! You can see the advantage though, getting to see large parts of big cities without feeling like you have walked a marathon. Some cities have difficult terrain for some people and the Segway helps massively in these instances.


Plus point number three is just to have some frickin’ fun on one. If you had Segway raceways or something similar then the general public wouldn’t have to look and sneer and you could just get down to having a good time on a Segway!


Reasons why Segways have not become as popular as was first imagined

So last time I had a look at some of the reasons why Segways have not become as popular as was first imagined and this time will be carrying on that theme.


So from a tech point of view the Segway really is an amazing piece of kit. It keeps its own balance due to computers and sensors and other techy stuff. It is extremely efficient when it comes to the consumption of fuel and is obviously easier to store than something like a car. The biggest problems for the Segway have come from a social stand-point and not a technological one.


They were very expensive when first released, nearly $5000, which is a lot of money for most people and you could buy a good car for that price, so that was a big issue. Even with the large price tag Segways were predicted to sell very well, but in the first 6 years they apparently sold fewer than 30,000. Which is far less than the predicted 10,000 per week!


Another problem has come in the form of policing its use. In many countries across the world they are either banned from public spaces or are only able to be used in very specific areas. In the UK for example they are completely banned from public areas and can only be used on private land with the permission of the owner. In most countries you cannot use them on roads, and some not even footpaths, so the idea of it being a “personal transporter” now looks like it was a doomed one from the start, and a little bit ill-thought out. I think marketing as a help for people in jobs that have to be on their feet a lot in large spaces would have been a more sound approach.


But they are very fun to use, you just look like a bit of an idiot!


Inventor of the Segway

So, by 2015 I think the inventor of the Segway imagined that he would be stinking rich and that most people would be riding around on them. Clearly that hasn’t happened though and this is about looking at a few reasons why.


I think the first and most obvious reason is that they are heavy and not particularly easy to move around on. This has been highlighted by accidents with very high profile users of the “personal transporter”. In 2003, the President of the United States, George Bush (I’m pretty happy he fell off) was caught on camera falling of his Segway while he was on a family holiday. Then in 2007 Piers Morgan (OK nowhere near as high profile but still quite famous, and another wally, so bit of a theme going there) actually broke three of his ribs when he had an accident. Then there was the unfortunate and sad story of the owner of the Segway company, Jimi Heselden having an accident which resulted in him falling down a 30ft cliff and into a river, causing his death. He was a kind hearted charity man and very different from the other two examples!



With these kinds of incidents you are hardly exerting confidence in a product and as far as “personal transportation” goes, they were never going to work. The range is not good enough and the just look rather stupid. I can see there application in places such as airports as actually quite good, where people are using their feet all of the time and sometimes have to get to another part of the airport very quickly, and the airport buggies are very large, whist the Segway is quite nimble compared.


Join me next time for a bit more on the topic!