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Segway : Positive vs negative

Hi. Hope you enjoyed the positive Segway post of last time. Felt so much better than writing the negative stuff of the first two posts, but with such a divisive device, I have to cover both sides of the coin. Unfortunately one seems to be a lot heavier than the other, and we all know which one!

negative vs postive

Anyway, Segways in their various forms have been in the news a little bit this year, again with articles about why they have failed blah blah, but also some positive stuff. There has obviously been the release of the “Segway Hoverboard”, which do seem a little cooler than your standard Segway. With this release there have been many high-profile musicians and actors and general celebrities that have made the board a “must-have” for the kids of today. There has been a recent music video with five dancers using the boards, choreographed by LA based David Moore and dancing along to Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean”, that has gained over three million views on YouTube in just over a month! The video is OK but it’s not that amazing, ha. Click on the picture !
what-do-you-mean - segway

With some bigger news there is the acquisition of the Segway company by a Chinese firm (and the help of a few other backers). The company, called Ninebot, make a Chinese version of the Segway and this is a strange outcome because only this year Segway tried to start legal proceedings against the company because they claim they copied their design. Funny how things turn out, right? Segway’s arch-enemy may actually turn out to be its saviour!


Positive use of the segway in the world

Hello again, so the past two posts have been looking at reasons why the Segway hasn’t worked. There is quite a long list and I only skimmed the surface. When you search Segway on Google, there are not many positive articles. Most of them have something to say like; “If you ride a Segway you are an attention seeker” or “They are contraptions for people with more money than sense” or “People just look stupid on them”. There is a lot of negativity towards the Segway and maybe it’s warranted, maybe it’s not, but there are in fact some places in the world where they are used positively and actually help people get around in a very environmentally friendly way.


Biggest example would be airports. In a lot of airports worldwide you see staff riding around on a Segway. They are much quicker than walking and easier to navigate than the airport buggies. So if there is an emergency at the other end of the airport then people can get there quickly and safely.

segway-airport segway-police-airport

Another great use for the Segway are city tours. Obviously only in countries where they are allowed of course! You can see the advantage though, getting to see large parts of big cities without feeling like you have walked a marathon. Some cities have difficult terrain for some people and the Segway helps massively in these instances.


Plus point number three is just to have some frickin’ fun on one. If you had Segway raceways or something similar then the general public wouldn’t have to look and sneer and you could just get down to having a good time on a Segway!