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Celebrity Swegway stories from 2015 – segway for sale

Segway Celebrity Stories - Picture 4

Alberto Moreno has been spotted on numerous occasions, walking his dog around Sefton Park in Liverpool whilst riding a swegway hoverboard. I suppose you can’t really call that walking the dog mind. The Liverpool player seems to have it pretty much down although it does look a little bit awkward trying to keep balance with no hand controls and a dog in tow.

Karim Benzema is another footballer who’s a big fan of the swegway.

Brooklyn Beckham has also been spotted using a swegway. He posted clips on Instagram showing-off with some double spins. As you can imagine, he got plenty of hits.

Chris Brown has been snapped driving his around the corridors of a hotel.

Katy Perry was captured falling-off hers at the Burning Man Festival a few weeks ago.

Justin Bieber has had his photo taken posing with a hoverboard on an airplane whilst flying between gigs. He’s also made a swegway dance music video for youtube that’s proved pretty popular.

Wiz Khalifa swegwayed onto stage in style at a gig he was performing.

Kourtney Kardashian must be the coolest mom in the world riding around the house on a white mini swegway.

Jamie Foxx was seen trying out the hoverboard with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show.

Usain Bolt was caught-up in Segway incident just after winning gold at the World Athletics Championships you might remember. He was knocked to the ground after he collided with a cameraman who had failed to see a barrier.


There you have it, proof that swegway hoverboards are proving a massive hit with celebrities in 2015.